What to use for weights instead of bricks?

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We are somewhat elderly and do not have a car, so shopping is a bit problematic. I noticed that often some sort of weight is used in book repair. I think Sophia sometimes uses a paper-covered brick? But since I don’t have a brick, what might I use for a weight or clamp when doing book repair? I have binder clips – would they work? I’m going to look around the site more for more info to get started repairing our paperbacks and books.

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Asked on April 1, 2021 9:13 am
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Hi there,

If you don't have any fancy weights or clamps around, one option is to work with the book spine hanging over a table edge. That makes it easy to just pile some heavy books on top of it to help hold it in place. You could even use books to help hold your broken book upright. Maybe it would work to wrap an ace bandage around such a configuration. The success of all these ideas will depend on what the broken book needs of course. There is a long tradition of making do with whatever is around the house. Always bring the question back to the goal and do no harm to any books you may use.

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Answered on April 1, 2021 9:28 am