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Another Fairy Tale book. This one, from my parents collection, I have moved around for 20 years without really looking at it. So….torn joint at top of front board, Table of Contents torn away, lots of loose pages (front and back), pencil scribbles thoughout, end papers loose, full of ads for other books. Have removed some of pages in front, soaked them loose from the home made hinges made of notebook paper….carrying notations clearly in my mother’s handwriting. I’m clear how I plan to proceed based on videos from this site. But two questions need resolved. First question is the joint tear at top of front board. Once the case is removed from text block, I will have access to both sides of the tear or separation. Since the back joint and 2/3 of front joint are in tact, no apparent need to redo spine. Unfortunately, the trailing “S” of top line of spine label is lost in the separation, but the least of my worries. This looks like a job for Japanese tissue repair, from both sides with color matching on exterior. Reasonable? The second question is about paper matching. Will need to redo/replace the entire Table of Contents, page 245/246 which is missing and will need to attach/sew/paste new endsheets. I’m clear on how to get the content for each area, testing printed font type and size and have heard the matching of the paper in the video. But, at the risk of redundancy: what weight of paper should I be looking for? I’m not finding a lot of paper on Internet that seems big enough (or even heavy enough) to serve as endsheets and the paper matching seems a bit overwhelming. Most of my research keeps coming back to Talas. Again, sound reasonable?

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    Asked on April 26, 2020 7:56 pm
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    Great questions. Let's see if I can get them all. When you are repairing the hinge tear in the re-case you only need to repair from the inside withcolor matched Japanese tissue. Trim any loose bits around the tear and color with color pencil any faded fibers before gluing. You can tuck the new tissue under the board edge (although there are some dangers to this) or just go onto the board a tiny bit. 

    Paper is hard to get right to match. Antique end-leaf comes in several colors. Yes, through Talas. I have been thinking of selling a few more common colors as 8.5 by 11 sheets for facsimiles but it is complicated because of grain direction etc... This looks like Dove Gray would be the best match and it will be good as end-sheets and pages in this case.

    Good job soaking pages loose! That takes courage. Cheers!


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    Answered on April 27, 2020 3:25 pm