Too much Klucel? No such thing! **Update**

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I finally finished tackling those books with the beastly levels of red rot that I had asked about previously. As it turns out, Klucel-G is not a magic potion. There were still some large chunks that I had to glue back down. But once they stopped shedding and I was able to buff them with some SC6000, it was like a miracle. These books are no longer staining everything they touch and crumbling if you breathe on them too aggressively! I also love how rich and vibrant the colors on the cover are now. I didn’t have any acrylic paint to tint the repair tissue, but at least I don’t have to worry about losing chunks o’ book. The head and tail caps still look sad and crumbly, but none of their pieces are coming off. Back on the shelf they go! Thanks, Sofia! (Also, I included a before and after of my Klucel bottle just for giggles.)

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    What a great example of how to use these products! Wow. The color change is lovely!


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