Soft Leather Bible re-cover



Do you happen to have a tutorial on creating the soft or “floppy leather” for a Bible? You have a good video on reattaching the cover on this type of binding, but I’m looking for some guidance on building the cover from scratch.  Also, Are you on Patreon? I’d to support your work on a monthly basis.

John Flynn

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Asked on December 29, 2021 1:52 pm
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Hi John,

I have not created a video course for creating new leather Bible covers. It is something I have been thinking about. The trouble is that it takes quite a few specialized tools and skill to work with leather. In order to simplify what I know I would have to change it into something different so anyone could do it with only a few tools. Paring leather is just hard to do without lots of practice. It is all about sharp knives.

I am not on Patreon. I appreciate the wish to support me. Becoming a member (getting the All-access Pass) is the best way at the moment. Maybe I should create a $4.99 / month support membership? Or just a "Buy Sophia a cup of coffee" button. I do drink a lot of coffee!

In any case, it sure makes my whole week to know I am helping someone with my efforts. Cheers!

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Answered on December 29, 2021 2:57 pm