Rippled, water-damaged pages


Slowly making my way through restoring my husband’s 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica set. A couple of the worst books look like they’ve spent some time in the rain (or took a dip in the tub). What’s a restoration approach that might work here? I don’t have a book press but I’ve tried clamping with weights and bricks, but it doesn’t seem to flatten much. My next thought was maybe going signature-by-signature with an iron on low heat? The pages are the very very thin kind (what’s the proper term for that?)

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    Asked on March 29, 2021 4:59 pm
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    That is quite a project! I don't believe there is a specific term for thin pages. Ironing might be a good approach. Be sure you have a stiff bit of chip-board to tuck in under the page and only iron through baking parchment! One other thing that could help flatten this book would be to humidify it thoroughly and then press it hard. This has other dangers though so ironing could be best anyway. If you iron a couple of pages and then close the book again they will go right back to being wavy so keep that in mind and don't shut the book until you have done all the pages. I hope this helps. Let us know how it turns out!


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    Answered on March 30, 2021 10:28 am