Restructuring a signature, Part 2


To reply to Sophia’s questions and continue on from the original post below……

Huh. First point: YES!! Page 25-26 does indeed belong to the second signature!! Just counted carefully and one of the “other” loose pages is the mate to 25-26 and the end of second signature. Yeah. Second point: The above noted pages that were described as “torn from stitching, with each leaf fragile but attached at fold” are indeed 17-18, 19-20, and 21-22 and are the “mates” of Title, Dedication, and TOC. So I’m pretty comfortable that the first signature is, from the stitching, eight pages each direction. This would make loose page 23-24 needing a mate in front, which I have labelled “Blank.” (Never found any other pages for the very front, as this came to me in pieces.) I suppose page 23-24 could have been paired with the paste down, but that seems a bit odd.

I am now faced with two additional questions. First: I now realize that the second signature, which is stitched in place (but a bit loose from text block) has need of attaching a loose page at beginning that was originally attached (paired) to another loose page at the end….???? Second question involves those hinges you mentioned. Original idea involved TWO new pages at beginning which now I only see opportunity for one…now what? At the end, once I add new mull, I could sew in a folded, new blank page to provide a new paste down/endsheet. Possible?? Thank you.


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Asked on May 5, 2021 6:55 pm
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This is a bit hard to follow but I am certain you can figure out a fix for the loose pages on the second signature. Use Sekishu to tip them on for instance. (Assuming you are not going to undo the sewing.).

For the first signature, consider that you can wrap a hinge around from the back of the signature to be tucked under the original paste-down. 

I hate adding in new end-sheets if it can be avoided.


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Answered on May 9, 2021 10:17 pm