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So children’s books are always an amazement to me. Most can be replaced for much less than the time and materials I expend…but who doesn’t like a challenge? Case in point, see pics. The book is made up of three separate signatures. The first and third are two folios, folded together and sewn. The “middle” signature is 4 folios folded and sewn. All three signatures are really pretty tight considering the age of the book and its general condition. But…..the “thread” attempting to hold all three together is ?? I don’t know exactly…maybe a polyester, or some type of plastic…but clearly not the thread used on each signature and what ever is holding the three together is falling apart. Not sure if you can tell in the pic provided. My first inclination is to remove all the thread including the signatures and resew. This site, and the Internet in general, does not provide much in the way of  guidance or “repair” when it comes to sewing. I could certainly glues the signatures together, and add very thin Japanese tissue ( used like mull) ‘cuz the “book” is kinda tight. Since I have to replace or reconstruct some kind of spine, I can create a bit of space. In times gone by you have said there are no sewing videos because they are on the Internet elsewhere….which is kind of true, but most examples of sewing with respect to text block involve NEW books. Any thoughts Thank you for your time.



lacey, wa

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    Asked on July 2, 2023 8:46 am
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    Hi Gaylen,

    I think what you have here is one signature and the folio sheets on either side are the end-sheets which are broken at the fold. This is a typical single signature book. Easy enough to remove the current threads and then tip on some mull to the text-spine (single signature) Sew through all the holes with the pamphlet stitch (through the mull too). Basically: You start in a middle hole and go in out, in out, up one side, come back, skip the starting hole, keep going and eventually come back to it. Tie a knot. Done. You can add a paper liner after the sewing is done for the text-spine if you like. Then create new hinges for the fly-leaves, tip them on and then re-case the book. I hope that helps!


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    Answered on July 2, 2023 12:56 pm