Repairing Old Interleaving?


Hello! I have an old art book with lots of plates covered with sheets of interleaving (I think that’s what you call it?).  On some of the signatures, there’s a sort of hinge attached to the interleaving that wraps around and encloses the following signature (see pictures), and on one of the signatures this is damaged.  It needs more stiffness than japanese paper can provide, so I tried parchment paper, but found that, since the entire virtue of parchment paper rests in the fact that it’s nonstick, glue doesn’t stick to it.  I have some old sheets of onionskin for a typewriter, and that seems like it would work very well, but I can’t figure out how to color it to match the book.  It doesn’t take tea stain, and when I tried to brown it in the oven, it became to brittle to use as a hinge.  Any thoughts as to what I could use to color it? I know places like Talas have tinted papers for repair work, but I’d rather not buy something if I don’t have to. Thank you!



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    Asked on July 14, 2022 7:38 am
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    Hi Lydia,

    The staining method that is recommended by conservators is good quality acrylic paints. You can water them down as much as needed and blend them too of course. There is a course on tinting Japanese tissue (you can apply to other papers) 1-301.

    Tea and or coffee staining add acid to the paper so are not recommended and aging in the oven will just make any paper more brittle as it is an aging process.

    Another good paper to have around is the Antique End-leaf paper sold by Talas. It comes in many shades. I include some in the book repair kit but don't sell it separately.


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    Answered on July 15, 2022 7:03 pm