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I’ve have been given a box of hardback books from our South Sound Reading Foundation (SSRF) that have been “discarded” by a local elementary school and are in need of some TLC. Of some 44 books, 32 are of the nature shown in the pictures. Virtually ALL of the books present with four bumped corners, torn spine at both top and bottom, and most (but not all) have some level of damage to interior hinges. All have a text block virtually in tact but the sheer weight of each has overwhelmed the infrastructure. The consistency of the damage is truly remarkable. The first 4 pictures show the extent of exterior damage. Additionally, each has LOTS of tape and ID stickers, much of which has no tangible use. “Repair” seems quite impractical. I have included pictures of one book already “cleaned” up and am curious for comments or considerations before I get carried away. I have removed all superfluous tape, stabilized bumped corners, reinforced spine top/bottom then crafted my own version of repair “corners” and “wings” (of 11 mil black book cloth) which are reflected in the latter three pictures.

Any thought or comments would be appreciated.

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    Asked on June 8, 2024 1:10 pm
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    These are perfectly good Public Library repairs for highly circulating collections. This made the books useful again. Well done! The books had no value before and now they can at least be read again.

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    Answered on June 9, 2024 1:08 pm