how to remove stain on case-bound covering


Hello! I have a beautiful set of The Secret History and The Little Friend by Donna Tartt. I recently got them as a present for my close friend and have been hiding them in our downstairs cupboard. Unfortunately this is also where we keep the chocolate…Long story short, a bag of chocolate spilled and fell on top of them, and has stained the covering. It didn’t melt into it, they’re almost like scuff marks as I (stupidly) tried to brush it off quickly. I can send a picture of the stain through tomorrow, but for now if you see this earlier here is a picture of the set I have. They’re case-bound books and the stain is on the very top of the case, and i’m not sure what it’s made out of. It sees like a cloth covering or another fabric over the hard material.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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    Asked on September 1, 2020 3:38 pm
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    More photos will help. The problem with stains on things you can't wash is that the only hope is to carefully scrape and possible re-color. Usually.

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    Answered on September 1, 2020 5:23 pm