Dull paint on book cover


I had to do quite a bit of painting to cover up where some tape had eaten the ripped spine of a book (hurray for bad repairs making things worse). Unfortunately, the original spine had a bit of a semi-gloss to it, and the acrylic paint I had is a completely matte finish. It looks really splotchy now. Is there any way to get a bit of gloss onto the cover where I had to recolor?

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Asked on January 3, 2020 3:02 pm
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Hi Sarah, 

There are several ways to add gloss. One is to add Acrylic Gloss medium directly to your paint before you use it to touch up. Another is to use the same stuff to gloss over what you did that is dull. Another possibility is to use some SC6000 on top. 

If you have a photo of the problem I would love to see it.

Remember that you should never paint original materials on collectible books.

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Answered on January 12, 2020 2:35 pm