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Dear Sophia and Classmates,

I am sure I am among the many students whom have (almost) finished the entirety of the course. Maybe it would be nice if we all make a list of which subjects we would like to see covered in the future? I invite my fellow students to contribute. Thank you.

PS. I hope this doesn’t come across as rude. I am just putting some ideas out there. This is in no way a list of demands.

  1. How to do pH/acidity testing with strips?
  2. How to wash paper? For a little shade (bleaching), de-acidification, reducing stains, and maintaining inscriptions.
  3. How to size paper?
  4. How to leaf cast?
  5. How to dry-clean? For example with smoke sponges, and eraser crumbs.
  6. How to build up corners with Japanese tissue? Basically how to paper mould; edges and such.
  7. How to re-attach cords?
  8. How to re-sew entire books? Variations in styles and such.
  9. How to copy (marbled paper, pages, and illustrations) for re-productions? Especially how it is done on the computer side of things.
  10. How to replace endbands?
  11. How to repair vellum books?
  12. How to remove the plastic from laminated covers?
  13. How to replace wooden board corners?
  14. How to replace a paper spine (from a hardback) with a paper spine?
  15. How to do more (leather) restorations? Level up from repairs.
  16. How to treat fire damage?
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What a great idea!


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