Book cloth grain and sun faded spines


First question. Why do you need to find the grain of the paper and especially book cloth. I think I understand it lays better but book cloth that has a backing, isn’t it heavy and pretty permanent once it’s glued down or does it want to warp in a different direction if you haven’t found the grain.
Next question. I bought a lovely book but the spine is sun faded. Can I use something in my art arsenal to re color that. It’s green book cloth but has some gold foil on it, also.

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Asked on July 22, 2020 4:57 pm
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Hi MKay,

I think I need to create a course on paper and cloth grain! I know I talk about it in some of the courses but I am not sure where. 

GRAIN DIRECTION: To really understand how grain works. Take a piece of paper and glue it to one side of a piece of cardboard and let it dry. You will see a natural curve occur. Even if you dry it flat, when it is released it will curl. 

What happens is that the moisture from the adhesive relaxes the fibers in the material so they stretch. Then when they dry they PULL whatever you just glued it to. You can "get away" with using grain the wrong way if you avoid all moisture. Even then it will tend to curl the "wrong" way.


SUN FADING Color touch-up. Simple answer is that color touch up is tricky so practice on books you don't care about. Also, it has a high probability of damaging the value of the book because it is rarely done well without lots of practice. That said, here are two courses that will help.    :)  

1-103: Clean a Book Cover with Damp Cloth 

and 1-302: Color Match Acrylics



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Answered on July 23, 2020 2:38 pm