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Hello Sophia,

I’ve got 6 Bibles without covers.

In your course 2-201, you show how to reattach a restored text block to the original but separated cover by attaching a mull strip to the back of the text lock with overhanging 1 inch “hinges” front and back, and then also gluing Japanese tissue strips to the outside of the text block’s flyleafs, and then finally joining those two strips together as you glue them to each other and then to the inside of the original “paste down” on the separated cover as it is reglued down.   So there are “double” hinges.

In my case I have no original covers and thus no paste-down page left.  I have to make a new cover.  I was going to create a folded “endpapers”, and after removing the original flyleaf page, glue that (1/8th inch as you advise) onto the front page, and the back page,  of the text block.  That provides a new flyleaf, and a new paste down page to which to attach to a new cover.  But do I also need to somehow provide a second hinge as before, or does the fold of the endpaper do that?

I hope I got the terminology correct!  A little bit of information can be dangerous!



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Asked on October 1, 2020 6:53 pm
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Hi Paul,

Pretty good terminology. I agree a little information can be dangerous but it is also great when it leads to more information!

Let's see if I can do as well.

For a new cover: The text-block spine will have an extending muslin (or mull) liner that will eventually attach to the inner board of the new cover. The new end-sheet attaches over it as the paste-down. Typically, for new covers, you would glue the extending muslin (or mull) to the end-sheet and then glue out the end-sheet entirely to attach the new cover. Make sure you don't glue the case-spine to the text-spine. Leave a hollow!

I really need to make this video... Maybe over winter break. Graduate school has me too busy for now.


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Answered on October 2, 2020 9:23 pm