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Videos on You Tube, the seven part Fairy Tales Live Restoration. Part 3, at the beginning, there is a reference to using “archival paper” as one choice for desired endsheets. At approximately 1:02 into that video, the expression of “plain” paper, archival paper is used, stating that this was the paper used for the “new” pages.”

Forgive me, but that is a really general statement. Could you be a bit more specific, please? Again, paper is a really nebulous topic, I realize.

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Asked on January 14, 2021 7:06 pm
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Archival refers to non-acidic and/or possibly buffered when it comes to paper. "Plain" referred to non-decorative paper rather than anything to do with Archival. I used Plain, Archival paper for the new pages that I printed to replace the missing pages. I also used the same paper as part of the "made" end-sheet. The paper is called "Antique end-leaf." Does that help?

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Answered on January 15, 2021 8:31 pm