Bible Care & Repair Kit

Bible Care & Repair Kit (Leather Books) with One Month All-Access Pass to Courses


Leather Bible Care is easy with this archival kit.

This kit provides you everything you need to polish your leather with the best archival leather dressing around. You can also consolidate abraded, powdery leather and protect broken or scratched leather. Preserve your bibles and make them last a long time. One free month of Save Your Books Membership with purchase!

Reasonable substitutions of product  may be made without notice. 

The Bible Care & Repair Kit comes with a one month All-Access Pass to the Save Your Books Courses!

When you receive the Bible Repair kit you will find instructions within to get your one free month All-Access pass to the Save Your Books book repair courses. If you wish to start the one month early just e-mail.

This kit provides you nearly everything you need to care for your bible or leather book without investing in larger quantities. Note that there is no adhesive included and no coloring although these are discussed in the online courses.

Consolidate abraded, powdery leather and protect broken or scratched leather with the Klucel-G and even use the SC6000 for a further coat of protection to really rough areas. SC6000 is another sort of wax. The SC actually stands for Shoe Cream but don’t be fooled into using other shoe care products. They are not all safe for use on books.

For leather that is not damaged you can use the best archival leather dressing around: Hewit’s Leather Dressing is easy to apply and is approved by book Conservators. Apply the Hewit’s and let it dry then use the buffing brush. Slowly at first and then a bit more firmly. You do have to be careful not to brush off any loose pieces.

Contents: 2 oz Klucel-G, 2 oz Hewit’s Leather Dressing, .5 oz SC6000, Flannel Cloth Applicator, Cotton Swabs, Buffing Brush, Orange Stick (for cleaning gilt lettering.) Archival Repair Tape, Black Kozo Tissue and White Sekishu.

This kit can only be shipped via Ground Transportation because of the Klucel-G.

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Weight14 oz