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How to Protect a Dust Jacket with a Cover

What do you need to know in order to protect a dust jacket cover? Do you need perforated edges or plain, Mylar or polyester film, single fold or double fold? Should you tape the cover to the book? What about repairing the dust jacket first? Should you repair any tears before you put it into the protective cover? The answer might surprise you! I am going to demonstrate this on an older dust jacket that has some rips so you can see what to do about them.

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  • Type of Book: Old paper dust jacket with some rips in it
  • This Particular Book: The Bobbsey Twins
  • Issue: The dust jacket is is torn up but ultimately all in one piece
  • Treatment: Contain the dust jacket within an archival polyester film covering
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • 13 Minutes of Video

Protect a Dust Jacket with a Cover: Summary of Steps

The Lesson contains all the details.

  1. Gather Tools and Materials (What kind of dust jacket cover do you need?)
  2. Trim cover to fit side to side
  3. Straighten out folds in the Dust Jacket
  4. Insert
  5. Trim for height
  6. Re-wrap around the book

PERPETUAL CAVEAT: Never repair collectible books and especially dust jackets. When in doubt only do preservation treatments and consult an accredited professional. For more information be sure to take the free Book Repair Foundations 1-104: Will Repairing a Book Destroy the Value? to avoid making costly mistakes. 

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