4-107: Reattach a Leather Book Board: Quick Fix ~ $4.99


How to Reattach a Leather Book Board: Quick Fix

You will learn how to quickly reattach a leather book board with this easy preservation method. This fix is not meant to solve every problem (meaning it is not a full restoration). Instead we are going to save the loose board so that it is attached and won’t go astray from the rest of the book. The basic idea is to create a new inner hinge without covering up original materials. The final step, to create an archival polyester film protective cover is a different course: 6-101: Create a Mylar Cover for a Book with Weak Hinges. This will protect and preserve the book until such time as a full restoration is required. This is indeed a quick fix for a loose board.

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Included in This Lesson:

  • Type of Book: Hollow-back or Tight-back, Tight-joint, Leather Spine, Cloth-Joint, Marbled End-papers. The text-block is tight and whole rather than loose or falling apart.
  • This Particular Book: 1872 McKenney’s History of  the Indian Tribes of North America
  • Issue: A board has come loose from the rest of the book. The case-spine is still attached to the text-spine by a paper hollow. For more information on terminology refer to Book Anatomy 101.
  • Treatment: Create a new inner hinge with Japanese tissue and paste. Optionally: create a protective archival polyester film cover.
  • 10 Minutes of Video
  • Step by Step Instructions

PERPETUAL CAVEAT: Never repair rare and/or scarce books. When in doubt only do preservation treatments and consult an accredited professional. 

Reattach a Leather Book Board: Simplified Steps

The lesson contains all the details.

board reattachment

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