2-202: Make a New Cloth Spine for Book with Inner Hinges Intact ~ $14.99

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Make a New Cloth Spine for Book with Inner Hinges Intact

How to Make a New Cloth Spine for a Book with Inner Hinges Intact

This course explains how to replace a book spine damaged beyond repair. For this particular book, the inner hinges are intact and so I show how to make a new cloth spine for book with inner hinges intact. In other words we are replacing the whole spine without removing the boards.

  • Type of Book:  Children’s Book that is Oversewn and Stapled
  • This Book in Particular: Watty Piper’s: Stories That Never Grow Old
  • Issue: The spine is missing but the inner hinges are intact
  • Treatment: Create and apply new spine with home-made book-cloth without taking the book apart. Skipping the Case-spine liner for this one.
  • 30 Minutes of Video
  • PERPETUAL CAVEAT: Never repair rare and/or scarce books. When in doubt only do preservation treatments and consult an accredited professional.

In this course:

  • Make your own book-cloth using acrylic paint to color unbleached muslin
  • Be sure to note how the spine title is oriented. If it is upright on a shelf do you tilt your head left or right to read it? Some British books are tilt left.
  • Casing-in when the boards are still on the book
  • Where to get Book-cloth:

Tools and Materials: Basic Book Repair Kit plus Level One Tools and Materials List


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