3-100: Reattach a Loose Page in a Book

Loose page in a sewn book

How to Reattach a Loose Page in a Book

You can reattach a loose page or illustrated plate back into a book quickly with these simple steps.  In the video you will see how to glue a straight line and avoid getting glue where you don’t want it. You will also learn what to do if you make a mistake such as attaching the page crooked.

There are several reasons that the page may have fallen out in the first place. Is the paper acidic? Did it break because the fibers are weak? Was the page tipped in originally or was it part of a signature? Be sure to read through all the steps before beginning a treatment. Make sure you are familiar with the Save Your Books Hierarchy Guidelines, Book Anatomy and Book Repair Terminology.  When you are examining the gap where the page came out you have to be careful you don’t cause more damage. Support the boards and consider not opening the book all the way if it looks like the spine will crack. 

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Included in This Lesson:

  • Type of Book: Typical sewn book (rather than a paperback)
  • This Particular Book: The Magic of Oz by L. Frank Baum
  • Issue: A single page has fallen out
  • Treatment: Reattach the loose page using archival glue. Also known as tipping in.
  • 13 Minutes of Video
  • Step by Step Instructions

Reattach a Loose Page: Summary of Steps

The Lesson contains all the details.

  1. Gather Tools and Materials
  2. Examine the Book
  3. Clean
  4. Protect the other Pages
  5. Glue
  6. Attach
  7. Some Mistakes and How to Fix Them.

PERPETUAL CAVEAT: Never repair collectible books. When in doubt only do preservation treatments and consult an accredited professional. For more information be sure to take the free Book Repair Foundations 1-104: Will Repairing a Book Destroy the Value? to avoid making costly mistakes. 

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