1-301: Tint Japanese tissue for Book Repair

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 How to Tint Japanese tissue for Book Repair

I only learned how to tint Japanese tissue for book repair after many years of making do with whatever colors I already had around. When I finally did start color matching myself I couldn’t believe how easy it was to at least get really close. Getting an exact match took longer but it is a fun process anyway so I do recommend trying it. And it only requires a few tools and materials.

  • No Video: but there are 18 photos
  • Tools and Materials:
    • A small but deep cup
    • A brush (maybe 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch wide)
    • Something to paint on that the paint won’t stick to like glass, pyrex, plexiglass, or what I have here is an enamel photo processing tray
    • Japanese tissue. I am using Sekishu here but many others will work fine too
    • A Water Spray Bottle (optional)
    • The Acrylic Paints that will make the right color for you which will be different for each situation but here is a list of a few sort of standard colors for paper. I like Golden paints particularly. Titan Buff, White (whatever kind), Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Yellow Oxide

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