1-102: What is the difference between Book Restoration vs Conservation?

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What is the difference between Book Restoration vs Conservation?

The main difference between book restoration vs conservation is that book restoration refers to a skill whereas book conservation refers to a field of study. To truly understand the difference between book restoration and  conservation we need to go beyond these two terms to consider book preservation and book repair as well.

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  • Infographic taken from Book Restoration Unveiled
  • Definitions for: Book Restoration, Book Conservation, Book Preservation, Book Repair. Some definitions are taken from: Bookbinding and the Conservation of books A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology by Matt T. Roberts and Don Etherington.


PERPETUAL CAVEAT: Never repair rare and/or scarce books. When in doubt only do preservation treatments and consult an accredited professional.

For more information on these definitions consider purchasing a copy of Book Restoration Unveiled. A book about how to identify restorations and a guide to where you can take a broken book.

Book Restoration Unveiled

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    Book repair foundations

    This is very basic, but informative. It is a good place to start when considering book conservation, restoration, and/or repair as a one-time process, a hobby, or a profession.