Everything you need to know to preserve the value of your books when considering repair, preservation or restoration.

"Sophia’s expert guidance is an invaluable resource for those wondering what to do next when faced with some of the most difficult questions for book collectors; from whether or not to restore a particular volume, to how to go about having it done, offering advice and fun examples from within the world of book collecting" ~Denny Magers of Magers & Quinn Booksellers

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Included in Book Restoration Unveiled:

  • The Evolution of Book Collecting and Restoration
  • How to Identify Book Restorations
  • Interviews with book experts on the value and problems of restoration
  • Stories and photos of actual restorations
  • Book Damage Assessment and Options
  • Repair vs. Restoration vs. Conservation
  • Why Restore Books?
  • Facsimiles, Sophistication and Fraud
  • When restoration can improve a book's value and when to leave it alone.
  • Who Restores Books?
  • Where to Get Help for Your Books
  • Buying and Selling Restored Books Wisely