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  1. NortonWheeler
    July 21, 2019

    Dear Sophia,

    Many thanks for your welcoming reply. I am attaching four photos, as follows:

    – ‘Recent Economic Trends.’ The growth (or whatever it is) almost looks and feels like calcification. The same thing happened to a book by Hegel; in that case, I donated the book to the library sale and bought a jacketed replacement for about $10. This set from the 1920s is scarce, though, so I am holding onto it.

    – Matthieson’s ‘American Renaissance.’ I don’t recall seeing the (untextured) splotches on this book until recently. Maybe something is getting started; maybe the same as the first book, maybe different.

    – A couple of Frederick Douglass books (full-view and close-up). An early version of the Matthiesson problem? For sure, these books were not splotched when I bought them a couple of years ago.

    As far as I can tell, no other books out of a couple thousand have incurred these types of degradation. Our books were all in climate controlled storage from 2004-2006 while my wife and I lived in China. Then, maybe half were in boxes in a garage for several years — but, as I’ve said, almost all volumes seem to have survived undamaged. (And I bought the Douglass books after we settled into our new home in Chattanooga in 2015.) I think that our air circulation is within a normal range, although we probably run both heat and (especially) air conditioning less than average. We set the thermostat at 68-70 F in the winter, 78-79 F in the summer. The room in which the above books are stored has a floor vent for both heat and air conditioning.