I started Save Your Books as the resource I wish existed 25 years ago...

Back then, I worked at Anthony’s Bookshop in Minneapolis MN. I had just left my job at the University of Minnesota’s Library Re-bindery and thought I would try bookselling. It was while working at Anthony’s that I realized that all I wanted to do was fix up the books so they could find good homes.

Since then, I have concentrated on learning everything I could to not only save books physically but also to preserve their value. The resources I found in books and online were either overly technical and assumed you had a bindery full of tools or else they were meant for librarians whose goal is to circulate books a maximum number of times. Save Your Books promotes simple archival book repairs designed from a conservation perspective.

Sophia S.W. Bogle

She's an enlightening, inspiring presenter and more than one student has gotten interested in the book restoration field from her talks. If you ever get a chance to hear her, don't miss it.”

Edwin Battistella, Professor of English, Southern Oregon University


  • Over 25 years of hands-on experience restoring books
  • Founded Save Your Books (formerly Red Branch Restoration) in 2000
  • Bench trained in the English tradition
  • Diploma in Book Conservation 2009 from the American Academy of Bookbinding
  • Events Co-Chair since 2014 for the Northwest Chapter of the G.B.W.
  • Board Member of the SOU Friends of the Hannon Library since 2020
  • B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota
  • Author of Book Restoration Unveiled published May 2019
  • Portfolio of many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of book restorations including first editions of Darwin's Origin of Species, The Kelmscott Chaucer, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • Mentioned in Prowling Dog: https://www.prowlingdog.com/prowling-dog-cool-things-issue-184/

Past Presentations

  • Powell’s City of Books June 2019: Portland, OR: Build Your Book Collection (one of 4 speakers from the Cascade Booksellers Association)
  • Oregon Books and Games: July 2019: Archival Book Repair
  • Magers & Quinn Booksellers: October 2018: Mpls, MN: Be A Book Hero
  • Guild of Book Workers at the Seattle School of Visual Concepts: April 2017: Book Repair Basics
  • Southern Oregon University: History of Publishing Class
    • On Book Restoration
    • Practical Book Repair
    • Historical Context of Book Restoration and Book Collecting
  • Cascade Booksellers Association:
    • Identifying Restorations, Sophistications and Outright Frauds
    • Book Repair for Book Dealers
  • Medford Library: Simple Book Repairs

Sophia in the Media

Sophia outside her studio in Ashland, Oregon
Sophia outside her studio in Ashland, Oregon