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Book Repair Foundations

Book Repair Foundations

Book Repair Basics Plus

Book Repair Basics and More

Paper & Page Repair

Paper and Page Repair

Leather Care & Repair

Repair Leather Books

Paperback Book Repair

Paperback Book Repair

Box Repair & Dust Jackets

Book Box Repair & Protective Covers

Bible Care &   Repair

Ex-Library    Repair

Book Emergency Help

Book Emergency Help

What Clients Are Saying

Book Repair Knife is Perfect

I love my new knife that just came with my order. It is Perfect for removing older end sheet paste-downs.
Thanks! ~Bruce P.

What an amazing, easy-to-understand website

I registered my SaveYourBooks account last night and couldn’t refrain from sending you a message.
What an amazing, easy-to-understand website you have created! For a complete newbie such as myself, it is so refreshing to find such a well… Read more “What an amazing, easy-to-understand website”

Chris Muller

“Double-fan” Technique

Sophia- Received order today.  Thanks for the extra sheet.  I used your “double-fan” technique to repair a paperback.  Worked great!  Thanks for the video.

Jim F.

I was able to save a family heirloom!

Oh my gosh, I can’t thank you guys enough for this video! I watched it probably a dozen times before working up the courage to fix my husband’s 53-year-old copy of The Fellowship of the Rings. Thanks to the video… Read more “I was able to save a family heirloom!”

Ashley Morton

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