Save Your Books Intro

Welcome! Save Your Books was created as a means to help people who cannot afford to send their books to a book conservator or professional book restorer. We sell kits and some select supplies that are not easily found in local markets. Save Your Books is the do-it-yourself branch of Red Branch Book Restoration LLC. ( Throughout our instructions we assume that you have limited tools, materials and time; that you are not professional book repairers and that you would like to preserve the value of your book as well as make it more functional. (We are not teaching library methods!) Stay tuned as all manner of book repairs are discussed in detail. Many of the blog entries will refer to videos available through YouTube on the channel: DIYBookRepair aka Save Your Books.

Will repairing a book destroy the value?

Will repairing a book destroy the value?

The simple answer is yes. The complicated answer is not necessarily.  If the book is collectible and other people value it, then doing a repair can make it worth less money. Two ideas must be accounted for though before that first statement can be fully understood.

The first idea is the difference between the words repair and restore. I define each of these in another blog post but suffice to say that repairs are obvious and they frequently cover up or destroy some of the original materials whereas restoration is as close to invisible as possible and strives to keep all original materials as intact as possible. Restoring a book will not destroy the monetary value and can even increase it. See for more information. Not all books are worth restoring.

The second idea is to look at the word value. The value of a book is not intrinsic to the book. Books are like any other commodity in that the more people desire them the more value they can command. Besides monetary value though there is also sentimental value. The same principle applies. The more you care about a book the more value it has for you. This is not trivial. Repairing a book doesn’t usually take away the sentimental value. Look at some before and after pictures to decide if a repair is the right thing for you.

At DIY Book Repair, we understand that both kinds of value are valid and treat all books individually and with great care.

Book Repair Method: Remove a Library Mark by Scraping with a Knife

Book Repair DIY: Remove Library Mark by Scraping with a Knife

Sometimes using an eraser is not going to remove the whole mark and then we turn to more drastic measures. The repair knife that is included in the DIY Basic Book Repair Kit is designed to scrape rather than cut and lift rather than stab. It is the perfect tool to try to remove just the fibers of the paper that have ink on them.