How to repair a chip in a Leather Spine

How to Repair a chip in a Leather Spine

How to repair a chip in a leather spine- Lamb - Essays of Elia 9

The key to this quick fix is to understand the anatomy of this book. The spine has a natural hollow area between the liner of the text-spine and the liner of the case-spine. This must be preserved to maintain the functionality and in fact also to maintain the aesthetics of the cover. Before getting to the chip repair, I followed along the usual hierarchy for leather books. Clean and Protect, then I moved on to Color and finally came around to Correct and Paste which is where this part of the repair takes place. Afterwards would be the Protect portion which is where I apply leather dressing and sc6000.



Color Touch-up on Cloth Book Spine

This is one way to do color touch up on book spines. Another way is to use an acrylic paint wash. Both have their benefits. Note how an eraser doesn't clean off the brown stains at all and that it really needs the scraping action to even out the color effectively.



Book Box Repair: Don’t use tape

Book Box Repair:

This is a very short video looking at some of the problems of a book box from 1904. This box has been previously repaired with what is most likely document repair tape which is an archival solution that is limited in it's appeal. For one thing it just looks like white tape has been applied. It doesn't blend in. Also, it is not easily reversible. If it had been applied with paste and tissue it could easily be re-done. Another problem with the box is that the seller taped directly onto some printing in the inner lid and this caused damage that is hard to repair and was easy to avoid.

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