Wizard of Oz Facsimiles and Page Repair

Wizard of Oz Facsimiles and Page Repair Paper to Match. Facsimiles should always be declared in any sale! That being said, there are some very valid reasons for creating them first and foremost is that if a book is missing pages then it cannot be … [Continue reading]

Repairing a chip in a Leather Spine

Repairing a chip in a Leather Spine https://youtu.be/9DL5Es9t5yk The key to this quick fix is to understand the anatomy of this book. The spine has a natural hollow area between the liner of the text-spine and the liner of the case-spine. This … [Continue reading]

How to Repair Books: A hierarchical approach

A hierarchical approach to learn how to repair books. This is the hierarchy I developed to help you learn how to repair books yourself. While it looks like a list to follow, it is only meant to be a guideline. Every book repair needs to be examined … [Continue reading]

Damp cloth method for cleaning a book cover vs. scraping method

I thought this video was going to be about scraping and color touch up again but turns out the damp cloth method worked very well. There are just a few notes on pens vs pencils to round it out. https://youtu.be/4livoG_L1no … [Continue reading]

Color Touch-up on Book Spine

This is one way to do color touch up on book spines. Another way is to use an acrylic paint wash. Both have their benefits. Note how an eraser doesn't clean off the brown stains at all and that it really needs the scraping action to even out the … [Continue reading]

Newton’s Principia 1846 Initial Discussion

Newton's Principia 1846

Newton's Principia 1846 https://youtu.be/7stvD63jgII This book has provided a great example of 19th century book-cloth restoration. Newton's Principia 1846 came into my shop with the request to take good care of it. I knew that this meant keeping … [Continue reading]

Quick Leather Repair

https://youtu.be/qcNbNMg1Y-Q Occasionally, a leather bound book is discovered with an intact cover but has separated in the inner hinges. This video only shows the discussion of the solution for such books. Here is an explanation of the solution. … [Continue reading]

Moldy, Smelly Book

The story of a moldy, smelly book. So a friend of mine was tasked with being the caretaker of her family's big old bible. You know the kind. Sort of looks like a chocolate bar. She had done fine for many years, keeping it inside on a shelf. ¬†Then … [Continue reading]

How to Open Uncut Pages

Open Uncut Pages. https://youtu.be/VU7lqM6NfQo … [Continue reading]

Remove Stickers from Dust Jacket with Heat

Remove stickers: This is sometimes easier said than done. Using heat to remove stickers is only effective if the sticker's adhesive is white glue (poly-vinyl acetate) or petroleum-based. Other forms of adhesives are water-based and may be more easily … [Continue reading]