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There may be more than one winner.

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How to Repair Loose Sewing


How to repair loose sewing in a book. This procedure is useful when the text-block is separated from the text-liner and the signatures and most of the sewing is intact.



Archival Page Repair Instruction for Beginners

page repair instruction

Page Repair Instruction to go with the SYB Page Repair Kit. Some page repair is very simple and some is more complicated. Hopefully you will be able to follow the page repair instruction here to be able to achieve archival page repairs with ease. I … [Continue reading]

Inner Hinge Repair when only one hinge is broken.

These instructions are for Inner Hinge Repair when only one hinge is broken on a typical case-binding. (This blog is still being updated. More soon.) These instructions will apply best to case-bound books with french joints. (Rather than tight joint … [Continue reading]

How to Tint Japanese tissue for Book Repair

 How to Tint Japanese tissue for Book Repair I only learned how to tint Japanese tissue for book repair after many years of making do with whatever colors I already had around. When I finally did start color matching myself I couldn't believe how … [Continue reading]

Replace a Book Spine with Cloth

How to replace a book spine with cloth. Repair or replace a book spine yourself. Here I will show you a fairly simple way to do it with very few tools. This particular book had the inner hinges intact and so I show how to replace the whole spine … [Continue reading]

Page Repair: Filling in Losses

This is the quick fix version on how to fill in losses (holes) in a page. With only Japanese tissue and paste it is easy to make a page whole again. … [Continue reading]

What is Red Rot?

Red Rot or Red Decay is the term used to describe the decayed condition of leather or the process of becoming decayed. A book could be said to be suffering from red rot... and you could also say that the red rot (meaning the powdery red stuff) is … [Continue reading]

What is the difference between Book Restoration vs Conservation?

What is the difference between Book Restoration vs Conservation? Book Restoration: The process of returning a book to its original condition with varying degrees of success. The entire scope of "restoration" ranges from the repair of a torn leaf, … [Continue reading]

Use Acrylics to dye Japanese tissues

Do you want to dye Japanese tissue to match a certain color? The title of this blog cuts to the chase. Acrylics (or watercolors) are the best substance to use to dye Japanese tissues for use in book and art restoration This is the conclusion of … [Continue reading]